Life Hack: How To Drink More Water and Stay Hydrated

July 8, 2016
Matt 'the Pillar' Miller

In this video I share one of my life hacks, showing you how to drink more water.

Did you know that depending on your activity level you should drink 3-6 litres per day?

Let me show you how you can achieve that. Here are my tips to drink more water:

1. Find a 1 litre recyclable bottle and try to drink 4 of these per day and gauge your consumption each day.
2. Try flavouring your water with a squeeze of lemon.
3. Add a couple of pellets of artificial sweetener like Sucralose or a Natural sweetener like Truvia and trick your body into thinking there is sugar in it, which then makes you want to drink more of it and faster.
4. Turn your water into good old fashioned American Iced Tea. Add a couple of tea bags some mint, lemon and a natural sweetener.

Stay hydrated!!

How To Drink More Water and Stay Hydrated – the video

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