How To Build A Bigger Chest Through Hypertrophy

July 4, 2016
Matt 'the Pillar' Miller

In my second fitness video I show you everything you need to know about building a bigger chest through a technique called hypertrophy.

Key elements you need to remember:

1. Always warm up to bring oxygen into the muscles first and prevent yourself from injury.

2. Take whatever weight you think you are going to do and do half of that.

3. To do Hypertrophy and Hyperplasia, to make your muscles bigger or increase the number of them, you will need to damage in your muscles and create micro-tears. Micro-tears create the need for regeneration and growth to make the muscle bigger.

4. Workout at 100-120%. Find a buddy to help you out and challenge yourself.

Hypertrophy and Hyperplasia; is all about making cells bigger, and increasing the number of them. This is only going to happen if you go above and beyond 120% of your effort.

How To Build A Bigger Chest Through Hypertrophy – the video

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