Got Milk?

February 9, 2016
Matt 'the Pillar' Miller

There is no question that milk is possibly the perfect food. It’s nutrient and energy profile fully encompasses the body’s needs. Not to mention I love milk. Ice cream is possibly the treat of all treats.

Milk in the Natural World 

Growth fuel for babies (milk)

That said, lets take a look at milk as it functions in the natural world. In every mammal except modern humans, milk is used specifically as the growth fuel for babies until they can begin to process solid foods. 

There are several digestive enzymes that are specific to digesting milk. One of these is lactACE – which specifically breaks down the sugar in milk – called lactOSE – into two smaller sugar molecules (glucose and galactose) that are easily absorbed in the small intestine. At about 2-3 years old the production of this enzyme begins to slow or turn off.  This is because in nature there is a natural progression at birth from mothers milk to food foraging, hence the enzyme not being needed anymore.  

That said, in the last 75,000 years of human migrations we see one blood type B that moved across the eurasian plains and north into Europe that has evolved to be more tolerant of milk by incorporating in the the diet. It is a fantastic example of the responsive evolving nature of biology.   

But even if you are one of the lucky genetic few who does have a tolerance to the lactose sugar it is still a new development in the grand scheme of human evolution. And patchy at best. 

Renin is another stomach enzyme that all young mammals have to digest casienogen in milk into digestible casien. Every mammal but cows stop production of this enzyme after infancy. 

I know several people who swear by milk and tout its health, nutrient and immunity benefits. And I don’t disagree, there are those with an ethnographic linked genetic advantage in the dairy department. But they are the tiny and lucky minority. Most everyone else is intolerant to milk to variant degrees and probably has no idea that milk is actually what ails them – resulting in everything from arthritis, oedema, lethargy and excess fat storage.

Be Your Own Scientist

Regardless of what you think or have been taught on this subject I challenge you to be your own scientist and see for yourself the effect of milk on your body.

So here is the investigative brief:

1. Cut out all dairy calories and replace with equal calories so you know any effect is not just a result of reduction in calorie intake. 

30 days of this.

Chart weight and fat if possible. 

2. Then reintroduce  dairy one by one starting with the most pre digested  dairy forms :

Cheese will be first. It is made  by the addition of rennet, a commercially produced form of rennin which curdles (digests) the milk to what we know as  cheese.

Lactose Free Milk

Then try Greek yogurt which is made from the cream (fat) in milk and has less lactose to start with then has bacteria added that pre-digest the remanning lactose. 

3. Lastly try lactose free milk which simply is milk with the lactase enzyme added to it. 

Chart how your body responds to each. Then let me know your scientific results. I have personally seen 100’s of amazing changes in people from this experiment. Even in myself who is a blood type B+ , the results in my own physique says milk is amazing. 

And as for missing out on calcium? Nonsense!  Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and oranges eaten with the white pith contains much more usable calcium than pasteurised milk!

Ok dairy detectives ? Lets get cracking !



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