About Matt

Television Presenter
Fitness Trainer
Founder of Broga® fitness yoga
Lifestyle Advisor

 Sunny Californian

Living in London, Matt is a perennially sunny Californian spreading fitness inspiration and wellbeing to a wide audience of:

  • Professional athletes seeking next-level performance
  • Aspiring fitness models looking to build the ideal physique
  • Workaholics trying to achieve a manageable work-life balance
  • Food addicts struggling to have a positive relationship with food and alcohol
  • Metabolically challenged individuals that don’t seem to be able to lose fat no matter what they do
  • Recovering and building a life back after injury

 Athlete and Trainer

  • American Football university athlete
  • UFBB super heavyweight Bodybuilder with title placings in LA, Chicago and London
  • US National Association of Sports Medicine
  • Multiple yoga teaching certifications
  • 12 years on-the-job experience as a personal trainer making a real difference in peoples lives
  • One of the first (and the youngest -17 at the time) to have a total titanium femur and pelvic joint

 Weird and wonderful ways

Matt brings together first hand knowledge in varied disciplines in weird and wonderful ways specific to each client – be it wrestling, yoga, functional fitness, pre-season dynamic and agility training , neuromuscular therapy, ballet, professional bodybuilding and dieting techniques, boxing or positive visualisation.

But most of all, what sets Matt apart is a deep passion to build amazing people.